Courses a.y. 2024/2025

Biographical note

I am an Assistant Professor in the Marketing Department and did my PhD in Marketing at London Business School. As a quantitatively oriented scholar, I conduct large-scale field experiments examining the role of marketing in receiving social-economic development outcomes, predominantly in emerging markets. I hold a BA in Economics from the Erasmus School of Economics, an MA in Marketing from the Rotterdam School of Management, and MPhil in Marketing from London Business School.


Management Association PhD Award (2020) and the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development PhD Award (2020).

Research interests

My research explores the impact of marketing (as an intervention or a mechanism) in emerging markets. As a quantitatively oriented scholar, I conduct field experiments (randomized controlled trials) to test the effects I study. My research aims to provide a new perspective on central marketing concepts (e.g., sales activities, marketing programs, and consumption) by linking these to key social-economic development outcomes (i.e., gender empowerment, resilience, living income, and self-confidence) using rigorous and causal methods as well as novel and objective outcome measures.