Courses a.y. 2024/2025

When I began teaching a few years ago, I eagerly experimented with many ways to encourage and motivate my students. I am lucky to have had excellent mentors both while earning my Ph.D. and when beginning my teaching career; thanks to my mentors, I quickly realized that it is not only what you tell your students that counts, but what they are able to take away from the classroom. A professor cannot learn for the student; therefore, the professor's most important job is to guide the student's learning.

In order to provide this guidance, I try to ensure a stimulating classroom environment from the first day. I use opening exercises at the start of each course to develop and promote a climate in which students actively engage in the learning process and interact with their peers.

I also try to teach difficult concepts in an easily comprehensible manner. Knowledge should be presented to maximize understanding and retention, and mental exercises can be used to make that knowledge both interesting and easy to retain.

I try to develop focused discussion in a way that motivates students to participate actively in their lessons. I believe it is the professor's job to find ways of stimulating the student's curiosity so that the student is motivated to ask questions.

I believe that working in groups helps students learn from each other. I try to vary classroom lectures with an occasional game or role-playing exercise to foster a supportive learning environment and to energize the classroom. It is also sometimes useful to supplement lectures with multimedia presentations, tutorials, chat rooms, and/or web searches. In this direction, starting from 2014, I had the opportunity, thanks to Bocconi University, to experience new learning ecosystems composed of classrooms, interactive methodologies, and new technologies being also involved in the production of the first series of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in partnership with Coursera.

Finally, I always try to save a few minutes at the end of each class for a synopsis to reinforce the student's retention of the information presented. This approach helps students to reflect on the importance of what they learned and to set priorities for individual study.

Because finance is a constantly changing field, finance professors also need to be active learners. I change the status quo anytime a student reacts passively. I try to keep up-to-date about innovations in my field, and I am always looking for new ways to get involved in international research at some of the best universities in the world. I request feedback from students, and I encourage them to partner with me in finding personalized approaches to their own learning. This is my teaching philosophy.

Biographical note

Gimede Gigante, nationally qualified as an associate professor in financial intermediaries' economics, serves as the Director of ICE - Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship at SDA Bocconi and is the director of the European Fs Tech Hub of Milan. He is also the program director of the International Management-China MiM degree at Università Bocconi, where he holds a tenured core faculty position in Financial Intermediaries' Economics within the Department of Finance.

After graduating in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan, I obtained a Ph.D. in Banking and Finance and a Master’s in International Teaching Program from SDA Bocconi in Milan. I conducted post-doctoral research activities first at the Salomon Center for the Study of Financial Institutions at New York University (Stern-NYU) and then at the Faculty of Economics at Columbia Business School.

I am the Deputy of the Director of the FT Master of Science in Finance (Clefin), Deputy of the Director of the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance (Clef), and Academic Director of the Summer School (High School and Graduate Programs) at Bocconi University. I am core Faculty of the Department of Finance at Bocconi University as Lecturer and I am Course Director of the compulsory course Principles of International Finance. I am Professor of Investment Banking at SDA Bocconi in Mumbai (India) and Professor of Corporate Finance at Fudan University (Shanghai-China). Since 2012, I have been teaching Financial Systems at Bocconi and am a member of the Research Unit of Investment Banking & Structured Finance of Baffi Carefin (Centre For Applied Research on International Markets, Banking, Finance and Regulation). I am the author of national and international articles and publications on banking and finance with several publishers including Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions, Routledge, Bocconi University Press (BUP), and Egea.

Since 2020, I have been an Advisory Council Member of Harvard Business Review and since 2021 a member of the national board of directors of the AssoFintech Association.

From 2016 to 2018, I was an Economic Advisor to the Presidency of the Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament for matters related to banks and financial intermediaries.

Research interests

I have been a chartered accountant and auditor since 2011. I am a member of the Banking Commission and registered in the Register of Technical Consultants (civil sector) of the Court of Milan. I have held various positions, including participation as board member of many different financial intermediaries. I have worked for leading financial and industrial groups and I have been an economic consultant for a number of Italian banks. I am currently an independent board director of a listed Italian bank.

I have been a member of the Board of Directors of ANSPC, the National Association for the Study of Problems on Credit and corresponding academic of TMA, the Turnaround Management Association Chapter of New York. I am also on the editorial boards of several scientific journals, including the International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, Accounting and Finance Research, and Rivista dei Dottori Commercialisti. I am also a reviewer for many different journals, including Finance Research Letters, Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, and Rivista Bancaria - Minerva Bancaria.

My research is mainly focused on banking, markets, financial intermediaries, and corporate finance. I am the author of several articles and chapters in national and international books. I have been involved in numerous teaching and research activities related to the analysis and presentation of business cases on the valuation of capital markets and corporate finance transactions. I am also interested in private equity, project financing, corporate valuation, real estate financing and public-private partnerships, and the financial management of football clubs.

Working papers

Gigante, Gimede; Caselli, Stefano; Chiarella, Carlo; Stefano Gatti
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CAREFIN Position Paper

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Why do Italian Companies go Public. An empirical Analysis for the period 20006-2016

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The Italian Corporate Bond Market: What is Happening to the Capital Structure of Italian Non-Financial Companies

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Investment banking in Europe: where we are and where we are going. Implications for firms, financial institutions and regulators.

Gigante, Gimede; Arcuri, Marco; Corbetta, Guido; Galimi, Alessio A.; Vecchi, Veronica; Vecchione, S
Report on Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP)
CAREFIN Position Paper

Gigante, Gimede; Arcuri, Marco; Corbetta, Guido; Galimi, Alessio A.; Vecchi, Veronica; Vecchione, S
Report on Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
CAREFIN Position Paper

Gigante, Gimede; Arcuri, Marco, Corbetta, Guido; Galimi, Alessio A., Vecchi Veronica; Vecchione S
Report on Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
CAREFIN Position Paper

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Capital Markets and investors in Italian securities: Is there a communication breakdown?
CAREFIN Position Paper

Caselli, Stefano; Chiarella, Carlo; Gatti, Stefano; Gigante, Gimede
Benchmarking the UK Market: A way to create an efficient and effective Capital Market in Italy?
CAREFIN Position Paper