Courses a.y. 2023/2024

Biographical note

I am Professor in Demography (Arnie for short). I am currently leading the FutuRes project - Towards a resilient future of Europe, a Horizon Europe collaborative project. I have published widely in demography, sociology, economics, public health and applied statistics. I have worked closely with EUROFOUND concerning trends in trust, social cohesion and economic and political discontent.

I am currently directing the PhD in Social and Political Science, have directed the BIEM and BIEMF undergraduate programs, acted as the undergraduate Dean of Bocconi and I have been the ERC panel chair for the starting grants in SH3 and SH7. I was awarded the ERC starting grant in 2007, and the ERC advanced grant in 2016. 

Research interests

I have particular competence in population dynamics and its connections with culture, institutions and comparative policy in the European setting. My latest project concerns ageing and resilience, with a particular focus on how one can enhance resilience through policy design.